JA operates a multi-national, full-service immigration business. We adhere to a strict Confidentiality Policy to assure the security and protection of our clients’ investments and personal information. We take pride in providing professional, reliable, confidential immigration and investment services. Our clients can rest assured that their personal and business information remains private.
The immigration attorneys at JA serve a client base of multi-national companies and individuals located across the US and around the world. We represent clients in immigration matters before all relevant governmental agencies, including the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and Department of State, as well as matters arising at US Ports of Entry. Our experience in handling matters before government agencies gives us the experience necessary to serve the needs of our clients.

The Immigration Practice at JA combines our expertise in immigration law with practical solutions to provide our clients with the highest level of service.
JA provides its immigration clients with complimentary landing and settlement services. JA manages all immigration-related landing services with efficiency. JA subsidiaries work together to provide exceptional, complimentary landing services and shield our clients from unnecessary immigration-related inconveniences. JA subsidiaries provide friendly, personal, complete, “door-to-door” landing and settlement services. Our services are customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Our full-service, complimentary landing services include:

Airport pick-up, ground transportation, temporary housing, essential documents such as applications and registration for children’s schools, purchasing or leasing homes and automobiles, arranging public utilities, providing unlimited translation/interpretation services and assisting the employment process to sponsor company.