Stage.1 : Filing I-526 Petition
Investors should file Petition Form I-526, ˇ°Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur,ˇ± accompanied by supporting documentation, with the Texas or California Service Center, depending on which office has jurisdiction over the proposed investment company. The required documentation must show that the immigrant investor has invested, or is investing, the required lawfully-gained capital in a company within the U.S., and that the investor will create full-time jobs for at least 10 U.S. workers.
Stage.2 : Filing Adjustment of Status or Consular Visa Processing
Upon approval of the petition, the investor and his/her immediate family (spouse & unmarried children under 21 years of age) may apply for an immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate or apply for Adjustment Status if the investor is already in the U.S. The initial resident status of the investor is ˇ°conditionalˇ± for two years. Conditional Green Card status confers the same rights as the permanent unconditional Green Card.
Stage.3 : Removal of the Condition in 2 Years
Within 90 days of the 2-year conditional green card's expiration date, the investor must file a petition to request removal of the condition on permanent residence by filing Form I-829, ˇ°Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove the Conditions.ˇ± The determination of whether to remove conditions on the green card will be made within 90 days of filing or interview, whichever is later. The petition should be granted if the investor demonstrates that he has met the three requirements of EB-5. Failure to file an I-829 Form will result in automatic termination of the conditional resident's status and initiation of deportation proceedings.

Immigrant investors remain in ˇ°validˇ± status while their I-829 petition is pending. Their status is supposed to be extended automatically in one-year increments until USCIS acts on the petition. During that time they are authorized to travel.

Once conditions have been removed, a full Green Card is granted for indefinite permanent resident status and permission to work in the U.S.