We live in an era of global citizenship, incredible access to information, and unlimited economic growth potential.

JA aspires to provide its clients with access to quality international investment and economic opportunities.

We understand our clients¡¯ high aspirations, long-range goals and dreams for international prosperity. In response, we established an international immigration consulting firm with offices strategically located abroad. Each office is tactically staffed with highly skilled professionals who understand our clients¡¯ visions and are committed to promoting JA¡¯s long-term goals.

I have tactically aligned myself with key former ambassador,Mr. Yong Choi, and assembled an expert team of executives, comprised of a highly skilled, reputable in-house-attorney, a labor certification specialist, and excellent immigration consults in offices throughout the US, Canada, Hong Kong, China and Korea. We use state-of-the-art technology for instant communication between our offices and accurate, efficient immigration document preparation for our clients world-wide. Our effective inter-office communication enables us to maintain constant control in providing ¡°door-to-door¡± landing and settlement services. Our 24-hour electronic communalization system enables us to provide essential up-to date, information world-wide via our internet home page.

Our expert team serves as local partners and vital team members in providing services to our clients.

We wish our clients prosperity and fulfillment of their dreams and future endeavors.